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  Brain Wonders was established under the concept of Research and Development from Dermatoglyphic theory and the application from the latest technology. With the Dermatoglyphics analysis, our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child and...
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  Franchising is one of the safest ways of starting up a business. We at Brainwonders provide our franchises with great business opportunities and help them establish their own business in Dermatoglyphics (DMIT).
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  Through DMIT, we provide parents with a scientifically tested method to understand their child’s innate abilities and characteristics. This also assesses their Multiple Intelligence.
      Dermatoglyphics features
  Dermatoglyphics features   Who is It for?
  IDRC Uniqueness Dermatoglyphics
  IDRC Invariance
  IDRC Hereditary
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  IDRC Toddlers (age 1-4) IDRC Children (age 4-12)
  IDRC Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25)
  IDRC Adult (age 25+)
      Dermatoglyphics features
Analysis Report
  Analysis Report TRC Learning Potential
(Total Ridge Counts)
  Analysis Report Multiple Intelligences Analysis
  Analysis Report Preferred learning styles & Learning models
  Analysis Report Left & right brain function analysis
  Analysis Report Academic & relationship advices
Dermatoglyphics features
Benefits of
Dermatoglyphics Technology
  Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Technology Understand your child’s innate characteristic
  Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Technology Know your child’s inborn learning style or ability
  Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Technology Discover your child’s hidden talent & potential
Dermatoglyphics features
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